6 Pet-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Cleaning up after your furry friends doesn’t need to feel like a full-time job. Check out our list of eco-friendly cleaning tips to remove stubborn stains, trapped pet hair, and keep your house smelling fresh.  

Bye Bye Fleas

Lavender essential oils are said to soothe dogs and keep fleas and ticks at bay by regularly applying between their shoulder blades. Additionally, it’s great for on the go. Mix 10 drops with some water in a small spray bottle and pop it into your car. Your dog will stay calm on the long journey, and it can keep your car smelling fresh.

Keep Smells at Bay

Avoid that ‘wet dog’ smell by popping a fabric softener sheet into an envelope.  Place it under your dog’s bed, sofa, chair cushions, or anywhere your dog likes to rest to keep the area smelling clean and fresh.

Keep Litter Trays Fresh

Add a thin layer of baking soda to the litter tray before adding kitty litter, and it should help keep any smells under control between litter changes.

Quick Hair Removal

Rubber gloves aren’t just for dishes. Don a pair of slightly dampened rubber gloves, then watch the hair stick to the rubber as you sweep your hands over furniture, curtains, cushions, and other hard to reach hair-ridden areas.  Short on time? Use a lint roller over the cushions before guests arrive to keep your home looking fresh in a pinch. 

Pesky Pet Stains

Getting rid of accidents and pesky odors is as simple as looking in your cupboards. Try adding half a bottle of white vinegar with water and four heaped teaspoons of baking soda in a spray bottle. When your pet has an accident first blot the area, then spray the stain remover liberally on top. Leave for 10 minutes, then blot again.

Try the Dryer First

It sounds a little backward, but try drying your linens and clothes first for about 10 minutes to keep fur stuck in the lint trap rather than in the folds of your clothes. Then proceed with the washing as usual. 

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