Harjot Caregiver with resident at Wesley Bradley Park Arbor Memory Care

Compassionate Care During the Holidays

Harjot Kaur, a dedicated caregiver in The Arbor at Wesley Bradley Park, has spent the past four years providing compassionate care to residents. She is one of the dedicated caregivers who work diligently to provide care for Wesley residents over the holidays.

Harjot’s journey into nursing began unexpectedly. Originally uncertain about pursuing nursing, her perspective changed after a chance encounter with a compassionate nurse during the birth of her second child.

“She was so caring and supportive; she inspired me to become someone like her,” Harjot reflects.

Erika Barger, Nurse Manager for Wesley Bradley Park said, “My whole team is great, and people like Harjot who are very dependable will come in on holidays to make sure the residents are surrounded by familiar faces.” 

Although Harjot doesn’t celebrate these holidays personally, she understands the significance for many residents who are unable to be with family. She recalls a heartfelt moment on Thanksgiving when a resident’s daughter expressed deep gratitude for Harjot’s presence with her mother.

“Our residents in The Arbor are going through tough struggles with the dementia process. Having people around them that they know and feel comfortable with means everything!” said Erika.

Harjot recalled a touching incident when she returned from a trip to India. She was missed very much by a particular resident. Her presence instantly reassured the resident, rekindling a sense of comfort and stability. It reminded her of the connection residents have with caregivers. 

Harjot’s approach to interacting with individuals with memory loss is simple yet profound. She emphasizes the importance of slowing down, taking time to establish trust, and understanding each resident’s unique needs.

Erika elaborates, “When caregivers like Harjot build relationships with residents, they are taking the time to understand what a person with dementia is going through and how they see the world. 

“A person with dementia can get distracted and talk about things that may not seem to make sense. They might change clothes six times or need time to remember how to eat. It’s the difference between knowing who wants to visit and who needs their space. Or knowing that it’s ok if the resident wants to sleep in.”

Erika points out that managing dementia symptoms requires a caregiver who has taken the time to learn about the process of memory loss, and a caregiver who has the compassion and dedication to adapt to new challenges every day.

At Wesley, we are so very grateful for people like Harjot and Erika who are part of our incredible care teams. If you have any questions about The Arbor memory care at Wesley, fill out our contact form below.

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