Giving Back Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

Meet Kudo, the wonder pup that helped her mom, Madge Hanson, create a wonderful life in her new residence at Wesley Des Moines.

Moving to a one-bedroom apartment after living 50 years in a house near Saltwater State Park was a BIG adjustment for Madge.

“I don’t miss my house as much as I thought I would. I do miss my 5,000 square-foot, fenced yard,” said Madge, who credits Kudo with helping her adjust to life at Wesley. “But from day one, Kudo was happy and thrilled to be on the Des Moines campus.”

Kudo was a sweet, intuitive Border Terrier who seemed to say each morning to Madge, “Come on Mom. Let’s go!” Then it was off for a walk to meet a new neighbor or to visit the maintenance team, whom Kudo loved.

“She always seemed to know when a member of the team was around or coming over to the apartment,” said Madge.

Kudo recently passed. Madge still feels Kudo gave her the strength to begin her life at Wesley, a place filled with many opportunities to socialize and participate.

Madge believes Wesley is a community of friendly and caring residents and staff. She is pleased with the good stewardship she sees. Madge decided to honor Kudo and her new home with a gift to the Wesley Community Foundation.

The Circle of Concern is a great example of Wesley’s commitment to helping residents who have exhausted their finances – through no fault of their own – to continue living in the community. It goes above and beyond the typical business model.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Madge said. “Maybe I’m helping people continue to live here. If I run out of money, someone after me will make it possible for me to stay.”

Kudo had a huge heart for others, and so does Madge. Wesley Community Foundation thanks Madge and the many other individuals who support Wesley. Your support of Wesley’s programs promotes the well-being of others.

Cassie now accompanies Madge across campus and is the social butterfly when they meet people.