Bradley Park Spreads Christmas Cheer

Residents of Wesley Bradley Park in Puyallup are working together to give to three charities.

After Thanksgiving, Wesley Bradley Park residents formed a small committee to coordinate donations to several charitable organizations that benefit the Puyallup communities. The group decided on three charities: Helping Hand House, Mountain View Community Center and Pierce College Puyallup Food Pantry.

Each of these charities serves a different function in the local community, helping to support things like emergency housing for families, school supplies for kids and food for college students.

“The response has been so generous, and we’re not even through!” said Pat Carney who is a member of the charity planning committee.

She said that it felt natural for people at Bradley Park to want to do something like this for children and young adults in need. She attributes this to how close residents of Bradley Park have become with their neighbors.

“It’s been amazing to see how quickly we’ve all bonded,” said Pat, who echos what many residents have said about the Bradley Park community.

Residents of the Brownstone all enjoy continental breakfast together once a week, and they hope to continue fostering a tight knit community atmosphere once the Lodge opens, too.