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Catered Living: Bridging the Gap Between Care and Independence

Learn how our innovative Catered Living program is allowing more people to live independently.

Laura Nencetti, Director of Home Care and Catered Living, developed the program to bridge the gap between independent living and a higher level of care services.

There are ten levels of care based on a resident’s ability and need. The levels allow the resident to maintain a certain amount of independence while still having access to assistance when it’s needed. Residents of The Commons choose which Catered Living services they want to utilize and only pay for those services. 

“The program allows them to live independently but have access to help if they need it. We want residents to do as much as they can on their own. We believe they will live longer, healthier lives this way,” explained Laura.

Levels one and two typically include medication management, shower assistance, housekeeping services twice a month and three meals a day. At levels one through five, a resident might see the caregiver four to six times a day, whereas a level ten resident  might see a caregiver once an hour, 24/7, to assist with most of the resident’s physical needs. Services at the highest levels are similar to a typical assisted living program.

“Many come in as a level four. This might be medication management, including setting up their weekly pillboxes, ordering refills, ensuring they take the right medication at the right time and helping them get up and dressed with check-ins throughout the day. We can also help with getting them to organized activities, exercise classes, daily meals or the on-campus movie. The most common support we provide is shower assistance a couple of times a week for safety concerns,” said Laura.

All levels have access to the 24/7 pendant alert service. Should a resident need urgent call support in addition to scheduled care, a caregiver is only a click away.

Laura suggests scheduling a tour at a Wesley campus of your choice with an initial conversation to understand the program better.

“It’s about creating a caring plan together. Everyone’s needs are different. We ask questions to understand what the care plan would look like for you. Bathing could be as simple as standing outside the door to offer support, helping you in and out or a second set of hands to wash your hair. We are adjusting to your needs as you’re adjusting to your life. It’s flexible,” said Laura.

“We’re here to support our residents for their next phase in life. Here, they have activities, neighbors and social engagements again, which are things they may have been missing living in their own homes. Many of the residents socialize and eat meals together. At Wesley at Tehaleh, there is a group of men who have breakfast together each day. They are going through the same circumstances and find commonalities in their prior professions. We’re starting to see bonds form at the community,” said Laura.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the types of services offered through Catered Living, call (253) 435-8100 or fill out the form below.

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