By Leaps and Bounds at the Lea Hill Care Center

After Sally Steiner had a hip replacement earlier this year, she chose Wesley Lea Hill Rehabilitation & Care Center for her physical therapy.

When Sally first arrived at the care center, she had nearly lost all of the mobility in her legs. However, by the time she was discharged approximately a month later, she was able to move around on her own and care for herself.

“They brought back my self-reliance, and I was able to go back to work right away.”

Sally has owned and operated the Quarter Chute Cafe in Auburn for 22 years, and she was happy to get back to normalcy.

“The care at Lea Hill was excellent,” said Sally. “Everyone was cheerful and welcoming, and it made me feel less sad about being away from home and away from my husband while in rehab.”

Though Sally is back at home, she visits the care center regularly for outpatient care. She and her physical therapist focus on further improving strength and range of motion.

Sally’s physical therapist helped her to quickly regain her mobility. She helped Sally rebuild her confidence in her abilities and strength. Sally has learned physical therapy techniques, including breathing exercises that help relieve muscle tightness and tension.

“They were all very professional and were so good about explaining everything in detail,” said Sally.

Tania Clarke, Wesley Lea Hill’s rehabilitation director, said physical therapists work at people’s own pace and try to celebrate their successes.

“The most rewarding part of our jobs is when we see the individual recognizing they’re making progress,” said Tania.

“It’s nice to see her back at work with her friends,” said Admissions & Community Relations Director Jamilyn Bloodworth. “She’s made tremendous progress, and it’s due in no small part to her positive attitude.”

It can be difficult for people to socialize during rehabilitation, but it improves their growth tremendously. Staying socially engaged helps individuals avoid focusing on their pain, discomfort or challenges. The unique advantage to being a smaller care center is that Lea Hill’s guests have an opportunity to make friends and socialize in a more intimate, relaxed and comfortable setting.

“Sally’s just a wonderful person,” echoed Tania. “She has an infectious positive attitude, a willingness to attempt a task and is just an encouraging influence to those around her.”

Sally’s now driving again for the first time in months and is able to walk longer distances without mobility assistance.

“The therapy was great; they always gave me the determination to improve and meet my challenges, but they also made sure that I was completely comfortable,” said Sally. “I’ve had quality care in a clean facility, with good food and wonderful people.”

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