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Catered Living vs. Assisted Living

Wesley believes in helping you live your life to your fullest potential; sometimes that means providing a little assistance along the way. Our Catered Living program is designed to do just that. Our team supports you with the help you need so you are free to do what you love, and your family is free from worry.

We often get questions about the difference between Catered Living and Assisted Living. The two care options are very similar, but in The Commons where the Catered Living program is offered, apartments tend to be more residential with full kitchens and spaces that are large enough to accommodate couples. These apartments are classified as “independent with services” meaning that housekeeping, laundry, activities and a full dining program are included. Because it is an independent setting, residents are free to come and go as they please. Programs and amenities across the campus are accessible to residents, which increases their opportunities for socialization.

With Catered Living, Wesley’s homecare staff works with you and your family to create a customized service package to meet your needs. In the case of a couple residing in The Commons, we can provide care to just one or both residents. If you need help taking care of your pet, our caregivers can do that, too!

“One of the greatest differences between Catered Living and assisted living is the ability to increase or reduce services,” said Marni McDuff, Director of Home Care. “In assisted living, care only increases. Sometimes, families want to participate in providing care or residents recover from an illness and don’t need as much from our team. We can make those adjustments in Catered Living.”

Depending on the number of points and the apartment selected, Catered Living can be less expensive than traditional assisted living. Catered Living care levels are charged on a point system ranging from 25 to over 400 points and start at $520 per month for up to 25 points.Wesley at Tehaleh in Bonney Lake currently has apartments available in The Commons starting at less than $3,000 per month. Visit to learn more or fill out the form below.

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