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Dementia Webinar Series

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Untangling Memory Loss

A 4-part series on understanding dementia

Whether it’s family, a friend or a neighbor, chances are there is someone you know who is experiencing a dementia-related illness. In our Untangling Memory Loss series, you’ll learn what is normal age-related memory loss and what is not, how different types of dementia can affect behaviors and how to find support when caring for a loved one.

Join us as Marysusan Iotte empowers loved ones and friends to be present in the life of someone with dementia.

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About Our Speaker:

Marysusan Iotte, Campus Administrator for Wesley at Tehaleh, is a Certified Dementia Instructor and contracted trainer for Washington State in dementia, mental health and traumatic brain injury. She earned her certification under world-renowned dementia expert, Teepa Snow.

This 4-part workshop has passed but you can watch the video recordings of the webinar here:

Dementia Workshop Part 1: Normal vs Not Normal
Dementia Workshop Part 2: Different Types of Dementia
Dementia Workshop Part 3: Stages of Dementia
Dementia Workshop Part 4: FAQ & Discussion


Wednesday, April 20


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm