Executive Team

Wesley’s executive team brings to life the direction and intent of the boards. Their knowledge of our mission focus coupled with the boards’ strategic plan, and knowledge of those we serve and will be serving – including residents, staff and each other – is critical in securing the success of our business operations. The executive team keeps in mind at all times the faith-based promise that we make to our communities to serve and to give back.

Governing Boards

Our boards work in unison to guide Wesley in defining the direction of the organization through strategic goals and fiduciary oversight, and to ensure that the business is operating according to our mission.

Wesley is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of volunteer community and business leaders elected annually by corporate members from churches in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Board of Trustees elects members to The Wesley Community Foundation Board of Directors and The Wesley Community Health Services Board of Directors.

These boards define the direction of the organization through a scenario plan based on a set of living strategic goals and annual initiatives. Members of the Board of Trustees are elected each year at the Wesley annual meeting in May by members of the corporation. Each member of the board is elected for a three-year term and may serve up to three consecutive terms.

Board of Trustees

Lynn Michaelis Chair

Monte Windsor Vice Chair

John McGilliard Treasurer

Ross Deckman Secretary

Joe Harmon Past Chair

Joe Elling

Jerry Flagel

Gloria Fletcher

Bill Freitag

Raynard Kanemori

Dennis Magnuson

Ed Rogel

Tim Searing

Jim Wigfall

Foundation Board of Directors

William Freitag President

Brian Frederick Vice President

Nancy Osborn Secretary

Brian Garrett Treasurer

David Brooke

Suzie Burke

Al Franzen

Jeffrey Guite

Martha Hubbard

Ann Lewis

Brent Smith

Health & Home Care Board of Directors

Dennis Magnuson President & Secretary

Jill Poleskie Treasurer

Cheri Keiler

Richard Jobst