High Tech Cleaning at Wesley

Wesley Des Moines will employ its new cleaning tech during move-ins to the new building.

Wesley communities are practicing high-frequency deep cleaning, especially on high touch surfaces such as railings, tables, chairs, etc. 

Last year, Wesley Des Moines purchased four electrostatic sprayers. These sprayers were incorporated into our Des Moines’ regular cleaning schedule before the outbreak of the virus. Wesley is grateful for this forethought, as these sprayers are now difficult to obtain. 

This technology sprays an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Because the spray is positively charged, it will disperse over an object, such as a chair, table or desk to coat the surface evenly.

Once applied, the sanitizing agent works to eliminate the germs. It kills many of the most serious germs, including the Norovirus, Staph, MRSA and cold and flu viruses.  The solution dissolves on its own without leaving a residue and does not stain surfaces as some high-powered cleaners will. It is safer than bleach and is food-surface safe.

The sprayers are being used daily in Des Moines buildings when cleaning common areas, hallways, elevators and dining rooms after each meal. This technology’s efficiency reduces the staff time in each area, allowing staff to clean more areas throughout the day.

As Des Moines prepares for upcoming moves to the new Gardens, additional measures will be added during the move-in period. The elevator will be cleaned between each move for the safety of the residents and movers. Before each resident moves in, the apartment is sanitized as part of the final clean.

Several other Wesley campuses are working to acquire this time-efficient technology but are otherwise continuing to use thorough cleaning techniques that are just as effective. 

Even with this technology, staff and residents are encouraged, as always, to keep our communities safe the best and easiest way possible by washing hands thoroughly and frequently.

See a video of this sprayer in action!