Learn About Lifelong Learning at Wesley U

These horses were the mane event at Wesley U!

Wesley U is Wesley’s lifelong learning program, now available at all three Wesley locations. Wesley U offers residents and non-residents who are 50 years or more the opportunity to enroll in a wide variety of enriching classes.

Recently at Wesley Des Moines, residents enjoyed a four-part class in digital photography.

Participants were taught things such as how to maximize the natural light available and how to use perspective. All the students needed to participate were their smartphones. One of the lessons featured horses, Riley and Levi, as the camera subjects.

“Both horses were beautiful and so very gentle,” said Wesley Des Moines resident Diane Collier.

Diane has always enjoyed photography, though she has not spent much time around horses. She relished the new experience and said having horses on campus was unique and exciting.

“I loved the digital photography class, and I love Wesley U!” said Diane.

Kim Brauer, Des Moines Wesley U Coordinator, credits Wesley residents for founding the program.

“Wesley U has been around for years and has over time expanded and improved. Recently, Wesley U earned the Leading Edge award for innovative programming from LeadingAge® Washington” said Kim.

LeadingAge is a charitable organization focused on education, advocacy and applied research.

“Learning never ends. We are constantly given the chance to learn new things; it keeps the mind active and enriches us,” said Kim.

At Wesley Lea Hill, Resident Council Chair Martha Grover helped get Wesley U started in Auburn, which she attests is well attended.

“They’re just so much fun. They’re mentally stimulating and very interesting!” exclaimed Martha, who has taken nearly every Wesley U class at Lea Hill, including everything from watercolor to the history of rock and roll.

At Wesley Bradley Park, Wesley U classes are offered at Pierce College in Puyallup via their Community & Continuing Education program.

Thanks to the Wesley Community Foundation, Wesley U’s engaging, non-credit classes are free for people 50 years or older and are available to both residents and non-residents.

Contact one of our campuses and ask how to join Wesley U and take advantage of this enriching, award-winning program.