Racing to the Finish Line – New Video!

Wesley is expanding to provide services to more people
in the greater south sound area.

The Wesley Brownstone is a unique living arrangement in the Pacific Northwest with two stories of apartments and an underground parking garage. While all Brownstone apartments have doors from the interior corridor, many that are on the first floor have a secondary door directly to the outside.

“That’s distinctive of the Brownstone architecture,” said Jill Krance of InSite Architects and the architect of record for both Wesley projects in Des Moines and Puyallup.

“Brownstone” is often used alternately with “townhouse” or “row homes.” The brownstone form is developed from British terrace houses or row homes, which feature shared walls, a uniform outside appearance, two or more stories and more space than an average apartment.

Wesley’s two Brownstones are racing toward completion. The Bradley Park Brownstone, with 32 spacious apartments, is expected to be completed this summer.

“Our Bradley Park Pioneers are excited to move in,” said Bradley Park Community Relations Director Lisa Osterloh. “We have some special things planned for those who move in early.”

The Lodge at Bradley Park is still in construction with an expected completion date in early 2019.

The Des Moines Brownstone has 24 bright apartment homes, some with extra tall windows to take advantage of the water view. Completion of the Brownstone is scheduled for the end of July with moves beginning in early August. New Cottages are also in construction in Des Moines, and they are also expected to be completed this summer.

“We are working on helping residents prepare for their moves,” said Des Moines Redevelopment Community Relations Director Rob Lanouette. “Some are current residents relocating to a new Cottage or Brownstone apartment. Others are new residents to Wesley Des Moines. It is a great group, and we’re excited to welcome them to Wesley!”

Once the Brownstone and Cottages D and E are completed, Wesley is planning to move forward with Phase II and the construction of the new Gardens building.