bill and judy norberg

Unveiling the Moon with Bill and Judy Norberg

Wesley at Tehaleh residents, Bill and Judy Norberg, experienced an extraordinary journey back in the 1960s—one that took them closer to the moon than most could ever dream. As part of a team of 1100 Boeing engineers, technicians, and clerical staff collaborating with NASA, they played a pivotal role in the historic Space Race.

Bill and Judy Norberg Holding Photo of Moon

In the wake of Russia’s Sputnik, the United States was determined to be the first to land on the moon. NASA needed precise data to chart the lunar landscape, and that’s where the Boeing team stepped in. Over 40 months, five Lunar Orbiters were deployed to photograph 99% of the moon’s surface.

Spanning across stations in Spain, Australia, and California, the team meticulously received transmissions from the Lunar Orbiters and converted them into 35 mm film strips. Bill and Judy, stationed at NASA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, along with a dedicated team of ten, were tasked with piecing together this celestial puzzle.


Cutting the film into 60 strips, they painstakingly assembled a comprehensive photograph of the moon’s surface. Their work went beyond mere images—they enhanced the photos to discern depth and detail, crucial for NASA’s mission to land the Apollo Lunar Lander. Among their achievements, iconic photographs like ‘Earthrise’ and ‘Copernicus’ emerged, capturing the imagination of the world.

To honor the 55th anniversary of Apollo 11 in July, Wesley at Tehaleh will showcase these historic photographs, including ‘Copernicus,’ in the Lodge mezzanine. Bill and Judy will be present to share their remarkable journey and answer questions about their role in shaping history.

Bill and Judy treasure their incredible contribution to space exploration and we appreciate the enduring spirit of adventure that they bring to our community!