Wesley Bradley Park

5 Years at Wesley Bradley Park in Puyallup

Walt Kuehlthau

Anniversaries come in many forms. We celebrate birthdays and weddings, of course. But we don’t always acknowledge the accolades of living in one place for extended periods, especially when we’ve moved to a retirement community. Walt Kuehlthau, on the other hand, can’t wait to talk about his five years living at Wesley Bradley Park. The former Kent resident was excited to move and be among the inaugural residents to call the new campus home.

“Lisa [Osterloh] graciously said we could move in on the first day,” Walt says. “So Judy and our dog, Joey, became the first residents to move into The Lodge on the morning of April 10, 2019.”

Judy succumbed to Alzheimer’s the following September. Walt adjusted to his new life by becoming an active and social member of the Bradley Park community. He thanks the Wesley staff for assisting with this transition, noting that everyone makes Bradley Park “the most friendly, fun, and active retirement community in our region.”

Living the best life

Walt credits Campus Administrator Karen Williams with creating such an inviting environment. Karen brought 23 years of experience serving the senior population to the Bradley Park campus. She is excited about Phase II, which will include the brand new Barndt Family Rehabilitation & Care Center, a three-story Brownstone, and additional recreational opportunities with a pool and spa.

Karen Williams
Campus Administrator Karen Williams

“Wesley Bradley Park is an active, friendly campus with staff committed to excellent customer service and programming,” Karen says. “Residents can thrive here, pursuing new friendships, sharing interests, and participating in an active engagement program.”

There have been many unexpected opportunities for Walt at Wesley. He found love again and is now married to Pat Carney, another 5-year resident of the campus. He didn’t expect to serve on committees after retirement, and he serves on three different ones at Wesley Bradley Park. He also enjoys the various clubs he has joined, including one that truly surprised him. 

“I had not thought I’d belong to a yacht club, but here I am, a club member,” he says. “Shortly after moving into Wesley, six men decided to build 36-inch model sailboats and sail them on Bradley Lake. The lake is a ten-minute walk from the lodge. The fun, laughter, teasing, and camaraderie we share cannot be overstated. The Wesley Bradley Park Yacht Club has grown; women are sailing with us now. They have been a welcome addition. My other favorite activities are Pickleball and ping pong, though I can’t be at all the matches.”

Pet friendly – and then some

Like most residents, Walt appreciates his “somewhat” daily routine. The morning always begins with walking Joey for about an hour around the lake. The pair finish with a stop at Lowe’s to greet all of Joey’s friends.

“They offer treats to him there,” says Walt. “It’s like he’s a celebrity who has just walked into their store. The next stop is the Wesley front offices, with more petting and treats for the dog, plus morning greetings to me. Then we go to Wesley’s bistro for coffee, water for the dog, and good morning chatter with anyone coming by. We return home for some breakfast.”

Walt spends the rest of the day completing medical appointments, shopping, visiting with friends here and in the old neighborhood, and catching up on world news. He usually takes time to put in some jigsaw puzzle pieces at home or on the community puzzle at his floor’s lounge. He often listens to some entertainment in the Event Center. 

Walt Kuehlthau and Pat Carney

“Dinner time is always a highlight with tasty food and friendly conversation with our many friends,” says Walt. There’s time for the news, an episode of an old TV show, and a walk with the dog before bedtime.”

Making the best choice

Karen, who joined Wesley Bradley Park in 2022, notes the community has achieved an exceptional customer service score from residents. “Entering our community, you can really feel the difference,” she says.

Walt says he noticed the Bradley Park “difference” the moment he first walked onto the campus. He saw trails upon which he could envision walking Joey around the lake daily. He also appreciated the proximity to stores, medical offices, and Good Samaritan Hospital.

“Choosing Wesley Bradley Park to be my home was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” he says. “It is because of the people who have become my extended family. I also feel the incredible staff have become my friends. I tell everyone I never thought I could be this happy at this time in my life.”

Bradley Park will celebrate its 5th Anniversary throughout the year, the same way resident Walt Kuehlthau rejoices about his home daily.