Wesley is a Dementia Care Resource

Wesley provides memory care support at all of its communities, but Wesley is also a resource for families and caregivers who are either dealing with dementia or maybe just interested in learning more about memory care.

Laura Wayman, the “Dementia Whisperer,” was recently our guest speaker at Wesley Bradley Park. She provided different techniques for engaging someone with dementia-related symptoms and explained how to make these interactions productive or meaningful. The focus of her presentations is to make caregivers more “dementia-aware” so their interactions are not upsetting for their loved one. 

You can watch a video of some of Laura’s presentation here: 

Earlier this year, we also hosted a 4-part Dementia Workshop series, which is available to view here: 

Dementia Workshop Series: Normal vs Not Normal
Dementia Workshop Series: Different Types of Dementia
Dementia Workshop Series: Stages of Dementia
Dementia Workshop Series: FAQ & Discussion

The Dementia Workshop — presented by Marysusan Iotte, Campus Administrator for Wesley at Tehaleh — was a great opportunity for caregivers to learn more about how to approach memory care. Whether you’re family or friends of someone with dementia,  this is a can’t-miss series about memory care. 

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