Happy Mothers at Wesley

Mother’s Day is a time to show appreciation for moms and all that they do. It’s a time to be close to family, and here at Wesley, some families are close enough that they either live or work at the Wesley community where their mothers reside.

Sarah Talley moved to Wesley at Tehaleh where her son and daughter-in-law also have an apartment. Before choosing Wesley, they had always lived close by each other. When they agreed home maintenance was getting to be too much of a burden for Sarah, they started looking for an older adult community. 

Sarah recalled when they made their decision sitting at the outside patio after touring Wesley at Tehaleh with her son and daughter-in-law.

“What do you think?” her son asked her.

Sarah said, “I think it’s the exact place I want to be!”

Then her son turned to his wife and asked, “What do you think Cindy?” She said she wanted to move, too.

Sarah said she loves her one-bedroom with a den and enjoys playing cards with her neighbors and participating in fitness classes. “Most of all,” Sarah said, “it’s wonderful living in the same community with my son and daughter.”

Christine Tremain, Wesley Vice President of Marketing & Development, is fortunate to have her parents living at Wesley, too.

When her parents sold their house, Wesley Des Moines happened to have a Cottage home available that was perfect for them. 

Both her parents are still active in their professions. Their Cottage gives them each a home office as well as a full-size kitchen for home-cooked meals.

Her father has a radio show that airs on a public station out of Bozeman, MT and her mother still does ministry work and volunteers as the chair of the Wesley Des Moines resident council. 

Christine said, “I love that my mom has gotten involved in the community and that both my parents can live here and still get to keep doing what they love!”

Nancy Dahl moved into a Wesley community so that she could look after her 98-year-old mother easier. 

Nancy’s mother used to live in a smaller community where, at the time, Covid made visits very difficult and inhospitable. Aside from that, it would also take Nancy over an hour to drive to this other community. 

Having her mother live with her at home wasn’t ideal because there were stairs to worry about, and so Wesley happened to be the perfect fit for mother and daughter.

“Some people might think of it as a burden, but it’s really kind of nice having someone to share the duties with at home, like cooking and cleaning,” Nancy joked.

But really, “My mother was always there for me, and now I’m here for her,” said Nancy.